History has demonstrated that few people take action to prepare, or even to react with self direction in the face of imminent danger. Most people wait for someone of authority to tell them what to do, where to go, and how to think. This was evidenced with reports from survivors of the "911" collapse of the World Trade Center towers, when people were told to “go back upstairs”.  The survivors didn't!  Survivors act on their own and take the security of their life into their own hands, relying on their own instincts, that have always served them well.  These individuals that take responsibility for their own safety may be the proverbial “chosen few”. They have made the choice to heed the warnings and prepare for the survival of their families, versus becoming victims of the next catastrophe.

As seen in most disasters, even in America, the government may not be there for you, nor can they accommodate, or provide shelter for everyone. This is especially true with any widespread event, as witnessed with Katrina, or what may be even more catastrophic in the coming years.  Vivos may be your only opportunity to have a shelter solution that is assured to be there waiting for you, even on short notice. 

Are you preparing to survive, or choosing to become a victim?

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