World's Only "Doomsday" Human Seed Vault
Unlike a mere above-ground 'sperm bank', the Vivos Cryovault is not a donor program for selective, or "designer" reproduction, but rather a nuclear blast-proof, fully staffed and secure underground shelter with liquid nitrogen freezers to maintain thousands of mature, reproductive unfertilized cells, such as a sperm or ovum (eggs).  You now have an opportunity to protect and continue your family lineage for the potential repopulation of the Earth, following a future massive devastation of humanity, or destruction of the reproductive gene pool caused by radiological, biological or chemical attack. The risks to humanity are all around us.  The Vivos Cryovault will help to preserve the genetic 'seeds' of humanity and animals in a modern day Noah's Ark.

Was Noah's Ark A DNA Bank?

Evidence exists that not only did the "Great Biblical Flood" actually happen, but that Noah's Ark may have been a DNA bank, rather than an actual ark.  Watch this compelling 10 minute segment from a recent History Channel episode. Watch Here


Underground survival shelters hardened to resist nuclear attack, terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, bombs, solar flares, Earth pole shift, tsunamis, comets, asteroids, super volcanos and other predicted threats of 2012.

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