Continue Your Family's Lineage. Be Part of the Next Genesis.
With the addition of the Vivos Cryovault and the gathering of specimens from an entire cross-section of society, a greater chance of the repopulation of the planet will be more possible. For a nominal fee, anyone can assure their family lineage will have a chance to live on, following a global life-extinction event.

A tremendous advantage to the Vivos Cryovault is that it is collocated in the same underground shelters designed to accommodate hundreds of people, thereby providing the ready population base for future insemination.  At any moment, civilization can be destroyed along with the bloodline of every man and woman on Earth. This is an unprecedented opportunity for everyone to preserve and insure their family lineage in preparation for whatever may be ahead for the human race.  Your genetic information can play a significant role in the reformation of humanity and the continuance of your bloodline.

To further ensure each sample's chance of survival from Earth-changing catastrophes, donors are also given the option to have their specimen stored concurrently on two separate continents, within the massive North American and European Vivos shelters.

Underground survival shelters hardened to resist nuclear attack, terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, bombs, solar flares, Earth pole shift, tsunamis, comets, asteroids, super volcanos and other predicted threats of 2012.

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