Vivos Gold Standard
Most economists believe that the United States is about to experience significant hyperinflation and imminent devaluation of the U.S. Dollar. This may happen very suddenly, or over a period of months. The price of a barrel of oil is skyrocketing due to the widespread meltdown in the Middle East. As this cost is absorbed throughout the economy, the cost of virtually every item will dramatically increase.

The National Inflation Association (NIA) reports we currently have a currency crisis that could soon turn into hyperinflation and a complete societal collapse.  NIA's special U.S. food price projection report is available to download.

Unfortunately, hyperinflation will also raise the cost of building and outfitting every Vivos shelter.  Food, fuel, clothing, medical supplies, furniture, equipment and construction materials will all be affected by hyperinflation making the overall cost a major concern.

To hedge against this possibility and assure our ability to always be able to deliver the Vivos shelters at the best unit price per person, effective May 1, 2012, Vivos pricing will be based on the ‘Gold Standard.’ The per-share price in a Vivos shelter will simply be based on the greater amount of $50,000 USD per person, or the equivalent then current cost to purchase 36 ounces of gold. Shelters priced at just $25,000 USD per person, or per child, will be based on the greater of that amount, or the then cost of 18 ounces of gold.

We strongly encourage you to place your reservation deposit in a Vivos shelter as soon as possible. Once your reservation is made, your price per share will be locked in at the then current rate per person and you will be protected from future price share increases. Unfortunately, Vivos must take this course of action to ensure the economic viability of our shelter network.  Vivos pricing is subject to change without notice.

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This is not a solicitation or offering for ownership of a Vivos shelter, or any property in those states where regulated.  Membership in Vivos is free to selected candidates. Membership does not provide ownership, or assure any right of a membership interest in a Vivos shelter or the association that may own a Vivos shelter property. Ownership or membership participation in any Vivos shelter property may not be for investment purposes.  Terms, conditions and specifications are subject to change without notice.