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Frequently Asked Questions About The Kansas Shelter
  1. How is membership conveyed?
    There are two types of membership options in the Vivos Kansas shelter. 

    •  You may be a Monthly Member with the ongoing right to access and use the shelter for up to 2 weeks per calendar year, and indefinitely when the shelter is activated for an emergency or impending catastrophic event, in exchange for an ongoing per person monthly membership fee; or,

    •  You may be a Co-Owner Member of the shelter for a one-time purchase amount based on the size of your RV or living quarters. As a Co-Owner Member, you will have full access and usage rights for up to 90 days per calendar year, and indefinitely when the shelter is activated for an emergency or impending catastrophic event. Co-Owner Members receive a recorded and numbered Co-Ownership Certificate in the shelter association that owns the shelter. A Co-Ownership interest may be resold, gifted or willed to your heirs at any time, subject to the terms and conditions of the association Bylaws and Rules and Regulations.

  2. How do I make a reservation ?
    Once approved by Vivos, we will provide you with a Reservation Agreement to reserve your space within the shelter. Making a reservation, locks in both a space for your family or group, and the current pricing.  We do anticipate price increases as each phase of construction is completed, and/or our costs go up.  At a later date, you will be provided a full set of membership documents, including a complete due-diligence package containing the association bylaws, shelter security procedures, rules and regulations, plans and more.

  3. Do I need my own recreational vehicle to be allowed access?
    Each Member is required to provide their own RV or accommodations for their private living quarters. Your RV can be any length, and as basic or luxurious as you desire. 

  4. Can I be an member without owning an RV?
    Yes.  For those that donít have an RV to bring to the shelter, you may purchase a fully-furnished Vivos Suite for families of 2 to 8 people; or, a Vivos Tent Cabin that you may furnish yourself. These spacious suites and tent cabins will provide you with most of the comforts of home.  See: Suites

  5. Can Vivos recommend a suitable RV?
    Yes. We have arranged with a local area RV dealer that has a large selection of RVís of different sizes and accommodations. You are welcome to purchase your RV from this dealer, with financing subject to a good credit score. 

  6. Can I park my RV permanently inside the shelter?
    Yes. You can leave it there permanently, or come and go as you please as long as you are an active Member. 

  7. What is the price per person for co-ownership and access with an RV?
    Pricing is not based on a per person rate, but on the length of the recreational vehicle that those people will sleep in.  See: Pricing

  8. Can I finance my co-ownership interest?
    Yes. Financing is available when and where necessary due to hardship, subject to an ability to repay the loan. Terms are also determined on a case by case basis.  Monthly membership interests do not require financing as they are structured on a pay-as-you go basis.

  9. Are food and toiletries included in the membership price?
    No. There is a per person food and toiletries supply charge assessed at the time of your membership purchase. The charge is currently $1,500 per person. This is used by the shelter association to purchase a one-year supply of freeze-dried food, meats, condiments, toiletries and other supplies for your consumption during an actual shelterization event. All food and supplies are stored in the general warehouse within the shelter and become community property for all members to share and share alike. Pricing the food on this basis is considered the fairest system for all parties, e.g. an RV with only one person, should not be charged the same as an RV with a family of four.  The food charge is a one-time charge, until the food expires (about a 25-year shelf life), at which time, if not already utilized, there will be an assessment to all members for the resupply of food.

  10. When is the number of people to be included in my group determined?
    At the time of purchase of your membership interest. You will be required to advise the names, ages and sex of each member of your family or group. This group may be increased or reduced at anytime. Each person will be issued a unique membership identity card required for access into the shelter. You may not bring extra people with you to the shelter that have not been previously charged for their respective food supplies and do not have an official Membership ID card.

  11. What are the ongoing charges/fees once I become a member?
    Monthly Members do not pay an additional association fee, as this amount is already included in the monthly Membership fee. Co-Owner Members will pay an ongoing charge for association fees incurred pre-lock down.  These will include: utilities, taxes, insurance, management, maintenance, security, basic supplies, etc.  These fees are still being determined, but expected to be about $3.00 per foot of length of your RV or Vivos Suite, per month. 

  12. What hookups are provided within the shelter for my living quarters?
    Power and water are provided for lighting, sink and bathroom use. Sewage is pumped out of your tank on an as-needed basis.  Amperage is limited to prohibit use of a microwave or stove.  On board bathrooms should not be used for showering, as this will cause the sewage tank to fill up more frequently. Members will be encouraged to use the private shelter bathrooms and showers located throughout the complex.  Tent Cabins do not include any water or sewage for a bathroom.

  13. Can I operate my own air-conditioning system?
    No. The power consumption of each member running their air-conditioning will be too great for our power generation. However, the entire shelter is maintained with clean, conditioned air at a comfortable room temperature making it unnecessary to additionally condition each living quarters independently. 

  14. Can I cook inside my living quarters?
    No. Propane and all fuels are removed from the vehicle before entering the shelter. The power circuit provided to your living quarters will be limited to enough amps to power lighting only. Turning on a microwave or electric stove burner will trip the circuit breaker.

  15. Will there be fire controls?
    Yes. All habitable areas of the shelter will have fire sprinklers to help suppress any fires. In addition, we will have a fire pump truck and other fire fighting equipment for controlling virtually any hazard. The complex includes 2 hour concrete fire walls and automatic doors throughout to help contain a fire within its zone. All members will be taught CPR and fire prevention/safety techniques by certified fire and EMS professionals. The best way to avoid fires is to eliminate their sources. For this reason, no cooking or smoking is allowed within your living quarters, or any other form of open flame or ignition.

  16. How many people may sleep in my living quarters?
    You may have as many people as the manufacturer recommends for comfortable sleeping. Remember, you will be sharing the space with this group for an extended period of time, so comfort is important. Be certain your living quarters are large enough to accommodate your intended group.

  17. Can I arrive with my RV at the last moment before the blast doors are locked down?
    Yes, but be aware that there may be a line of other members also trying to drive their RVís into the shelter. Each RV will go through an inspection and preparation process including the draining and removal of all fuels and propane tanks. This process requires time that may not be possible at the Ďmoment of truthí. For this reason, many families with their own RV are opting to purchase a Vivos Suite that will permanently remain in place in the shelter, thereby allowing them to continue to use their RV away from the shelter.

  18. Do I get to choose where I want my living quarters to be placed inside the shelter?
    There are no preferred locations. All spaces will be designated on a first come, first serve basis. Some members may prefer to be away from the hustle and bustle, while others may opt to be closer to the shelter bathrooms, dining or other areas.

  19. When will the shelter be completed?
    The shelter already exists. The Vivos retrofitting and outfitting is being completed on a phased basis, with the critical life-support equipment and fixtures having a priority. Each phase of construction will be completed as memberships are sold. The first phase is scheduled for completion in 2014. This phase is the most critical, providing the life safety infrastructure systems, from blast doors, to dehumidification, power generation, fuel storage, water wells, sewage systems, fire suppression systems, lighting, critical amenities and more. Upon completion of the first phase, these elements will be completed and the shelter will be fully operational. Once completed, expansion will continue progressively, until build-out is completed. It is our goal to have the entire shelter completed by late 2015.

  20. Will all of the amenities and recreational activities be completed during the first phase?
    No. Certain amenities and features will be added as each phase is completed. At complete build out, all promoted amenities and activities will be completed and operational.  However, in fairness to those members that have purchased their interest in an earlier phase, our pricing is expected to be increased as each subsequent phase is completed.

  21. Will the shelter have fulltime management and security?
    Yes. Due to the scale of this complex, Vivos will provide fulltime onsite management, security and maintenance for the life of the project. These individuals and their families will live on the property and be paid a salary for their services from the ongoing association dues, paid by all members.

  22. Why isn't this shelter location secret like other Vivos shelters?
    Due to the massive size of this shelter and the number of members that will co-own it, we determined that it would be impossible to keep the location a secret.  With as many as 5,000 members within the shelter, we anticipate 10% to 20% will be available for security duty.  It will be virtually impossible for anyone to enter upon the property, or access the shelter, who is not an official member.

  23. Are tours available to preview the shelter before buying?
    Yes. Tours are scheduled, by appointment for serious and qualified parties.

  24. When can I visit and stay at the shelter?
    You may visit and stay at the shelter anytime you desire, but you may not live there fulltime prior to any lockdown. Most families will make this their vacation destination many times per year. The shelter is also being operated as a resort, allowing members to visit and stay as often as they wish. It is our goal to have hundreds of members there on any given weekend, enjoying the amenities and activities of the shelter and the historic town of Atchison.  This will also allow members to meet and get to know each other, creating bonds and a true sense of community.

  25. What services will be available before a lockdown event?
    All completed services will be available to members to utilize. However, none of the long-term shelterization supplies may be consumed before a lockdown event.  Members will be required to bring their own food and toiletries for consumption during any pre-lockdown visit or stay.

  26. Who will operate and provide services in the shelter?
    Members themselves will provide in-kind services to each other. Those people with medical skills will staff the medical clinic, while cooks and chefs will staff the kitchen areas, stylists in the hair salon, military and police will join the shelter security force, and so on. Pre-lockdown availability of services in each area will be subject to the attendance and willingness of the members with their respective skills.

  27. Will I be required to work or provide services?
    No. This is purely voluntary, however, most members will enjoy having something to contribute and do during both their visits and potential utilization of the shelter.

  28. Can I bring friends to the shelter pre-lockdown?
    No. Only members are allowed on the property and inside the shelter.

  29. Are pets allowed?
    Yes. You may bring a reasonable number of household pets with you.   They may stay with you, or be kept in the pet kennels, subject to our Pet Policy:

  30. Are towels and linens supplied by Vivos?
    No. Unlike other Vivos shelters, members are required to bring their own towels, linens and clothing (for all seasons). The shelter will have free laundry facilities for ongoing use.

  31. How is trash collected and disposed?
    Prior to lockdown, trash will be picked up from large containers located throughout the shelter and disposed of through the city trash services. After lockdown, trash will be collected and compressed, then stored in remote sections of the shelter. However, since no new materials will be brought into the shelter after lockdown, the volume of disposable material is actually reduced from its former stored volume.

  32. Are bicycles, ATVís, watercraft, horses or other recreational equipment provided by Vivos.
    No. Members are required to provide their own equipment while at the shelter. Vivos provides the infrastructure and facilities for the use of your Ďtoysí. Members are encouraged to bring their bicycles, golf carts, roller skates and even skateboards to get around within the shelter. 

  33. Can I park my car inside the shelter?
    No. This is a shelter, not a parking lot. All personal vehicles will be provided a parking space outside the shelter.

  34. Can I bring a gun to Vivos?
    Yes, but you cannot carry it within the shelter, nor store it within your living quarters.  All weapons must be stored in the Vivos Armory, under the control of our Security Team.  For the safety and security of all members, possessing a weapon within the shelter, without authorization, shall be grounds for eviction!  Only members of the Security Team will have access to weapons anywhere on the property (above or below ground).  Kansas is a very "gun" - 2nd Amendment friendly state.  See this review of Kansas gun laws.

  35. Can I bring my RV there now?
    You may bring your vehicle to the shelter once you have closed escrow and purchased your membership interest. 



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