Like-Minded Members Each Supporting Each Other

Vivos proceeds with the commissioning of each shelter, once a critical mass of members have made a reservation for co-ownership.  Selected members holding a reservation, open escrow for the purchase of their ownership interest of the nearest Vivos shelter complex.  Vivos then completes the construction, equipping, outfitting and turnkey provisioning of each shelter facility. Once completed, ownership of each facility is turned over to the respective Vivos Owners' Association. Each Vivos Owners' Association then controls the operations, security and maintenance of their facility, with oversight from the Vivos Group. The Operating Rules and Regulations established by Vivos, guide the ongoing operations of the facilities, prior to and during any shelter habitation.

Vivos co-owners each have an exclusive right to access and use their Vivos shelter - for as long as they own an interest!  At any time, preceding an anticipated catastrophe, disaster, or even widespread
social anarchy, the owners may arrive at their facility, enter and begin the shelter operations.  Owners only need to show up. Everything else is turnkey provided within the shelter!

collective abilities of hundreds of like-minded members will help assure the long-term survival and well-being in a post-apocalyptic world.  A small backyard, family shelter would be a lonely existence, virtually impossible to defend and survive in.  Each Vivos co-owner is assigned an ongoing responsibility, based upon their skills and fields of expertise.

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