Upon the close of all escrows, each co-owner will receive a co-ownership interest in their designated Vivos shelter, closest to their home area. This interest and its accompanying membership in Vivos, is fully transferable, can be sold at any time, willed to heirs, or transferred as a gift to anyone, subject only to the newly designated member's approval by the Vivos Risk Management Team.

Vivos is not a timeshare that allows for a revolving periodic use by its co-owners, nor a residential purpose property. Each co-owner receives an ownership interest of the specific Vivos shelter complex they purchase. The interest includes the real property (improvements above and below ground), and all personal property provided with the turnkey shelter (furniture, fixtures, equipment, food, clothing, supplies, water, fuel, etc).

All buyer funds remain in escrow until Vivos completes construction and delivers each respective turnkey shelter complex. In respect of all "blue sky" laws, at no time in the purchase process is the buyer's purchase money at risk. Escrows shall close concurrently for all buyers purchasing a single Vivos shelter. Full details are provided in the purchase and sale agreements, including the Vivos Owners’ Association Bylaws, Rules & Regulations, Code of Conduct, Operating Agreements, Pro forma Budgets, Bill of Sale for all personal property, and all details regarding the property and shelter. Certain conditions are subject to change and shall be provided to actual buyers in the purchase process.
Vivos proceeds with the commissioning of each shelter, once a critical mass of members have made a reservation for co-ownership.  Selected members holding a reservation, open escrow for the purchase of their ownership interest of the nearest Vivos shelter complex.  Vivos then completes the construction, equipping, outfitting and turnkey provisioning of each shelter facility. Once completed, ownership of each facility is turned over to the respective Vivos Owners' Association. Each Vivos Owners' Association then controls the operations, security and maintenance of their facility, with oversight from the Vivos Group. The Operating Rules and Regulations established by Vivos, guide the ongoing operations of the facilities, prior to and during any shelter habitation.

Vivos co-owners each have an exclusive right to access and use their Vivos shelter - for as long as they own an interest!  At any time, preceding an anticipated catastrophe, disaster, or even widespread social anarchy, the owners may arrive at their facility, enter and begin the shelter operations.  Owners only need to show up. Everything else is turnkey provided within the shelter!

The collective abilities of hundreds of like-minded members will help assure the long-term survival and well-being in a post-apocalyptic world.  A small backyard, family shelter would be a lonely existence, virtually impossible to defend and survive in.  Each Vivos co-owner is assigned an ongoing responsibility, based upon their skills and fields of expertise.
There are many scenarios that could cause a total collapse of our social structure, regionally, nationally, or globally. Pick your favorite, but let’s assume for this scenario it is the result of an electro-magnetic pulse (EMP). Such a burst, typically caused by a high altitude nuclear device explosion, but also possible from a mega-solar flare, could permanently disrupt all electrical services within the radius of the pulse, thousands of miles and even globally. There will be no power grid, no transportation systems, no finance systems, no communications, nothing. Our modern world would grind to a halt, with no food supply, water, sewage, fuel, or anything dependent on power to produce and deliver. Even modern cars and trucks would be permanently disabled with their complex circuits fried.

Within days society would begin to disintegrate, as evidenced by the aftermath in Haiti. At first, people would wait for government assistance, which may come, but will quickly run out. Then, would come the looting, rioting and burning, followed by begging, bartering, gangs, and people banding together to protect and help each other. When their supplies run out, they too will turn on each other for survival.

Hiding out in your urban home, or small town farm, won’t last long. People will find you as they scavenge to survive, taking anything and everything you have that they need. Defending yourself and your family may lead to death. Human nature will take over and people will become predator hunters, killing all wild animals, until all sources of food run out, then with no other choice for survival, they likely will become cannibals. There will be no safe place for you and your family to hide, store food and supplies.

Vivos will be a safe haven, complete with all food, supplies and security for the survival and protection of its members for up to one year. Hopefully, by then society will have cooled down, and life, albeit with less population, may safely restart.
A tremendous benefit to shelters of the Vivos scale is the opportunity for a true community of people with diverse skills and abilities, versus the long-term lonely existence of a small family, or group in a private backyard shelter.


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