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"We are on the edge of a global catastrophic disaster: human conflict, nuclear bombs, natural disasters, chemical and biological warfare. Without warning, the world as we know it can come to an end."
- Adam Montella, Homeland Security Advisor
“This massive Solar Storm [causing global blackout]WILL take place someday. The Sun is going to do what the Sun is going to do. [Our survival] will depend on how well we as mankind prepare for this situation.”
- Dr. John Foster, M.I.T. Haystack Observatory
“There will be a massive solar flare, known as the "Kill Shot" that will devastate the Earth.
- Major Ed Dames, Master Remote Viewer
“It is a probability that high-density urban metropolitan areas will be subjected to a catastrophic event; the probability is HIGH.”
- Grant Peterson, Former Associate Director of FEMA
"Think about the natural disasters that could occur in your area. Think about attacks that could come like 9-11, from outside forces, and talk to your family about your work and what they need to do to prepare for the unforeseen."
- Charles Bolden, NASA Director
"OSTP has been working closely with several departments and agencies to determine the plans, mechanisms, and procedures that should be used for notifying local, state, and Federal authorities and emergency response institutions in the unlikely event of an impending NEO [Near Earth Object] threat to the United States."
- John P. Holdren, Office of the President of the United States
"Nothing happens unexpectedly. Everything has an indication. We just have to observe the connections." 
- Anonymous
"Conditions are rapidly deteriorating and it is imperative to remain on high alert."
- Gerald Celente
"[Earth] Displacements may take place as the consequence of comparatively slight forces exerted on the crust...which in turn will tend to alter the axis."
- Albert Einstein
"Ignoring reality will not protect you from it."
- Robert Vicino
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