Preparing each Vivos shelter for its members to survive for a minimum of one year of autonomously, requires tremendous effort and planning.  Vivos outfits each shelter with all of the food, fuel, materials, supplies, furnishings, fixtures and equipment needed for the long-term underground survival of each member group. Every consideration has been made for the overall safety, security and comfort of the community of Vivos co-owners.

Each Vivos shelter is stocked with an abundant supply of foods and beverages, each selected for their nutrition, variety, taste, healthiness, energy, and ease of preparation as well-balanced meals with all 3 food groups.  Whatever your diet, the menu will provide you with a very satisfying 2,500 calories per day for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Vivos also stores a large supply of materials and equipment for use both during any shelter habitation, and for what may be expected after returning to the surface.  Every co-owner is provided clothing, bedding, toiletries, hygienic and medical supplies.  Each facility is outfitted with deep underground water wells for a continuous supply of fresh water, fuel to power the generators for a minimum of one year, extensive medical equipment, security devices, survival gear, books, educational and entertainment materials, gym equipment, tools, spare parts, radios, computers, televisions, safes, off-road vehicles,  non-hybrid seeds, farming tools, hunting and fishing equipment, and much more.  Members need only arrive.  Everything needed is provided, ready and waiting.

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