After years of development and market feedback, Vivos has developed the solution that everyone wants: a ‘DIY’ shelter with all of the critical components delivered in just one box. Our patent pending Quantum “shelter in a box” is the strongest and most resilient structure for anything of its class (much stronger than the cheap, poor quality, flimsy pipe, fiberglass, or block wall shelters). In fact, the cylindrical shape of this Quantum, combined with its hemispherical end caps and minimum 1 foot of reinforced concrete, creates a blast shelter near military specifications. After all, what good is a survival shelter if it won’t save you and your family from the anticipated forces of a major catastrophe?

With an overall dimension of approximately 30’ long by 9’ in diameter the interior provides comfortable space for a family of four, with storage areas for up to one year of supplies. If your group is larger, or you need more area for storage, hydroponics, an engine room, a water tank, or even a gym, each Quantum can be linked to another Quantum, or even set up as a spoke and hub complex.  The modular system may be expanded to accommodate virtually any size group or family.

You now have a very affordable, fully fortified, secure, private shelter ready to assemble and install on your own property in just a few days to weeks. The cost of Quantum is as low as it gets, for a shelter that is a Quantum leap beyond all others on the market. In fact, unlike the corrugated sewage pipes and fiberglass cocoons that are hardly much more than a “storm or tornado shelter”, Quantum may be the only private shelter built to withstand the multitude of epic threats it may face.

By comparison, the typical shipping costs for an oversized, wide load of a pre-manufactured shelter shipped to your property, may cost as much as our price for the Quantum Shelter in a Box.  A Quantum Shelter in a Box ships on a crated pallet for about 40 cents per mile, e.g. 1,000 miles door to door would cost just $400. Clearly, it is expensive to ship “air” in a premanufactured shelter, versus the compact bundle of equipment and materials provided in a DIY Quantum Shelter in a Box. 

To keep your cost as low as possible, we have

designed this shelter to be completed with

construction materials, equipment, fixtures

and furniture purchased locally or online.

Contact us for a complete list of all

specifications, options and estimated costs.

To keep the cost down, using our plans and templates, your team will cut and place the floor boards, install your selected floor finishing (vinyl, hardwood or carpet); run the simple sub-floor plumbing, electrical and lighting systems; install the cabinets and counter top, install the toilet and shower (all with off the shelf “Home Depot” components); and, finally select, purchase and install all of the interior furnishings.  But, if that is more than you are willing, or able to undertake, our Vivos crew will do the complete installation and outfitting for you.  We can provide, as much, or as little assistance as you may require.

The list of benefits for your own secret Quantum shelter are numerous, including: having your shelter located on your own property; completed on your schedule at an extremely low cost by any other shelter comparison; where you decide when to seal the blast hatch, and whom to share your shelter space with.  No worries about the rules, social mix of personalities, pandemic carriers, how much stock and provisions to provide, and the amount of fuel, medicine and weapons to store.  You will be in control and the captain of your own shelter-ship! 

Make it luxurious like an underground yacht, or Spartan and military-like with just the basics. It’s your choice and outfitted to suit your taste and budget. Most importantly, you will have a state-of-the-art shelter, that will survive virtually anything and everything that either nature or mankind can throw at it.


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Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.


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