Vivos is now offering an economical shelter solution for the average person and family. A recent survey of Vivos members revealed that nearly two-thirds cannot afford to purchase a share for themselves and their family in one of our First Class shelters. With our goal being to save as many lives as possible, Vivos is reworking one of the largest facilities to accommodate 1,000 people at a very affordable rate of just $9,950 per person. Now, virtually anyone can afford a boarding pass into an impervious Vivos underground shelter to survive whatever man-made or natural cataclysms may lie ahead.
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Floor Levels
Hardened Concrete and Steel Construction
Entire Structure Buried Deep Below the Surface
Main Upper Floor Level
Main Lower Floor Level
Lower Floor Mezzanine Level
Typical Bedroom Suite Grouping With Storage Overhead
Breakaway of Bedroom Suite Showing Bunkbeds
  We have scaled down the bedrooms, amenities and supplies to provide the most efficient and yet safe, secure and comfortable underground survival shelter possible. Class comparison. Utilizing one of our massive shelters with nearly 100,000 square feet of floor and storage area, spanning three levels, the Vivos 1000 complex will be one of the largest, strongest and most defensible shelters in North America, providing up to 6 months of autonomous survival. Our experts believe this duration of sheltering is more than sufficient for most of the predicted cataclysms.

Our goal is to make Vivos affordable to the masses, and get as many shelters built as soon as possible. Vivos is racing against the clock to have the Vivos 1000 shelter completed. Unfortunately, this shelter can only accommodate about 1,000 people.  Which side of the door do you want to be on?

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This is not a solicitation or offering for ownership of a Vivos shelter, or any property in those states where regulated.  Membership in Vivos is free to selected candidates. Membership does not provide ownership, or assure any right of a membership interest in a Vivos shelter or the association that may own a Vivos shelter property. Ownership or membership participation in any Vivos shelter property may not be for investment purposes.  Terms, conditions and specifications are subject to change without notice.