Organically Scalable for Any Size Group
The Ultimate Underground Bunker Complex Anywhere in the World
The Vivos Trine shelter complex is our largest custom private shelter system, designed for very large groups of 100 to 500 people, or more, with an ample budget to match. We custom configuire and engineer each Vivos Trine to resist the threatening forces that can be anticipated on your property.  As a build to suit, this massive concrete and steel underground shelter system can be built virtually anywhere.
Customize the Fit and Finish to Your Bespoke Requirements
Form and function can be maximized within the unique Vivos Trine shapes and circular floor areas.  Vivos will outfit your Trine complex to meet your bespoke underground standards. Think of this blank interior canvas as your ultimate superyacht - Ark!
Private Residences and Shared Common Areas
Infinitely interchangeable areas dedicated for private residences, smaller suites, a central dome, amenties, services and support areas, to not just survive, but thrive as you ride out the threats that are playing out on the surface above.  With all of the mechanical and life safety equipment needed both inside and out, including your own security force, the Vivos Trine will be your safe haven, before, during and after an event.
Unlimited Floor Plans to Choose From
You decide the layout of your private residence with endless floorplans to
accommodate your family's needs for comfort and privacy.
Fully Stocked With Everything to Survive a Year or More
Vivos will stock your Trine complex with everything needed to survive, including food, fuel, a renewable water source, medicine, soaps, towels, linens, clothing, hygenic supplies, furniture, fixtures and equipment. You can even grow your own food with a hydroponics and aquaponics dome, producing fresh food forever.
At Your Service Staff and Support
Vivos can also staff and manage a five star staff on standby before an activation of your shelter, and onboard to operate it during a lockdown event.  Your staff can include a chef, waiters, personal assistants, doctors, health and excercise experts, administration, maintenance, housekeeping, educators, scientists, gardeners, and most importantly a private security team.
Fortified Blast Doors, Valves & NBC Filtration Systems
The most important elements are the life-safety equipment, including blastdoors to protect everyone inside, and to repel all threats outside.  Your mechanical equipment will include NBC military grade air filtrations systems, blast valves, fire systems, water purification, fuel scrubbing and storage, power generation, heating, cooling, lighting, communications devices and specialized vehicles.
Military Grade Security & Equipment
A shelter is only as safe and worthy as the ability to protect it.  Your team will be ready to safely transport your group to the shelter, from the nearest airport, or even with door to door extraction.  Your security team will be ready, willing and able to handle any crowd or offensive acts, keeping you and your loved ones safe and secure in your Vivos Trine shelter.  Fear not, during a lockdown it is unlikely anyone will be showing up as they won't be able to survive on the surface.
Optional DNA Vault for Millions of People
Vivos can even locate a DNA Vault within your Trine complex, able to store the DNA and gamete cells of millions of people for potential restoration, if necessary, after the event.  This will make your Vivos shelter an Ark for humanity, perhaps the greatest gift you can provide to mankind.
Vivos is your ultimate life-assurance solution for your family, friends, group and entourage.

Contact us to obtain more information.

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