When will you know it is time to head to shelter?


When government officials cannot be found
When major executives are flying to South America
When the constitution is suspended
When the POTUS exercises his power for total rule under NSPD-51
When the internet is unplugged
When martial law is enacted
When all gun sales are banned
When you can’t leave the USA because the borders are sealed
When the military is on America’s city streets making rounds to homes
When all guns are being confiscated
When FEMA and/or Red Cross advance crews start arriving in cities
When all major highways have roadblocks
When the National Guard is put on “Snapcount Alert”
When the Re-Ed camp contractors get the 3 day notice to start arriving
When large rail or highway convoys of heavy armor are reported nationwide
When the media is blacking out or refusing to report a real negative story



When the Euro finally collapses
When the stock market collapses
When a bank holiday is declared
When you are limited on how much you can withdraw from your bank
When credit cards and credit line access is frozen
When gold is being confiscated
When the supermarket shelves are empty
When Vivos has raised the price for a space to $1M in solid gold bullion



When multi-nation war breaks out
When the first nuke or dirty bomb goes off
When the next major terrorist or earth change happens
When the USA or EU is under a no-fly zone



When Fukushima melts down and blows Cesium into the stratosphere
When Tokyo is evacuated
When airline pilots refuse to fly due to the radiation exposure
When American beef and milk has evidence of radiation



When a biological pandemic is declared
When a major city is quarantined
When you are told to stay in your home
When everyone is wearing face masks
When you cannot buy medications


Earth Changes

When the Canary Islands – La Cumbre Vieja erupts or slides into the ocean
When the Yellowstone caldera rises more than 10 feet
When multiple level 5 storms are sequentially occurring
When the Gulf BP oil dome blows
When new fault lines are awakened
When giant sink holes open up all around the world
When there are giant rips in the Earth’s crust for all to see
When new geysers are seen venting in California
When what sounds like horns blowing are recorded around the world
When smells of sulfur or fuel are being reported in many areas of the world
When pipelines across the country are ruptured



When the Solar activity of the sun has changed dramatically
When an X-Class flare is headed our way
When the Northern Lights can be seen in Texas
When the magnetic poles are shifting faster and faster
When cosmic ray intensity is off the charts
When there are undeniable disturbances in our solar system
When meteor showers are increasing and fireballs are falling from the sky
When Nibiru appears to the naked eye
When everyone can see a second sun
When the sun sets in the North – Northwest
When the tides are rising, and the moon’s orbit is off
When the Space Station is evacuated


Before everyone else is panicking to find shelter!

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