Most people have insurance for just about everything in their lives; health, life, property and auto, but no insurance for the most precious "assets" - their lives and the lives of their families. Vivos is a solution that will help assure the survival of life for yourself and your loved ones. Protecting life itself, is our most important responsibility. Vivos provides you the peace of mind to have an always ready, fully equipped, outfitted and stocked shelter, built to survive the ever-increasing number of potential disasters that may be ahead for our planet, whether they occur in 2012, 2019, or 100 years thereafter.
There are many credible reports that the government has been aggressively building deep underground hardened shelters for thousands of officials, certain military and the elite. There are so many massive shelters now built across the nation, that they are hardly a secret. The biggest of these shelters is reported to be located under the Denver Airport, with a number of cryptic signs acknowledging its existence. From there, it is reported that a number of rail tunnels migrate directly to various hardened shelters, including Cheyenne Mountain.

Some of these are in plain sight to the public, as are the reports from construction workers that have leaked their involvement in the projects. The freeze-dried and ready-to-eat food companies have been fulfilling massive orders for the government. Suppliers of critical components, such as blast valves needed for the air handling systems, have been backordered for years. Expert shelter architects and engineers have acknowledged that they have attended meetings with the U.S. Navy, mandating that certain shelters be ready in time for 2012.

Why would the government be building a network of shelter complexes capable of long-term underground survival for tens of thousands?  What do they know that they are not telling the rest of us that will be left to fend for ourselves?

Conspiracy theory?  Maybe, but judge for yourself with this enlightening episode of Conspiracy Theory, hosted by Governor Jesse Ventura.
Each co-owner will receive a co-ownership interest in their designated Vivos shelter closest to their home area. This equity interest and its accompanying membership in Vivos, is fully transferable, can be sold at any time, willed to heirs, or transferred as a gift to anyone, subject only to the newly designated member's approval by the Vivos Risk Management Team.

People are sensing that a global life-changing event is just ahead. Millions of people believe that we are living in the “end times”.  The governments of the world know something and have been bunkering up for decades.  Why is nobody telling you to prepare?  Obviously, to avoid a mass panic.  What is your plan?  Will your family be victims or survivors? 


Many are now looking for a viable shelter solution to survive what may be ahead.  Eventually, our planet will realize another devastating catastrophe, whether manmade, or a cyclical force of nature. Disasters are rare and unexpected, but on any sort of long timeline, they're inevitable.  It's time to prepare!


The accepted solution to most of the threat scenarios is to find underground shelter.  The soil of the Earth itself can provide the best shelter for most catastrophes, including a pole shift, super volcano eruptions, earthquakes, asteroids, solar flares, tsunamis, nuclear attack, bio terrorism, chemical warfare and even widespread social anarchy.  Watch this video to learn more.

Vivos is a privately funded venture, with no religious affiliations, building a global network of underground shelters, to accommodate thousands of people. Vivos will provide a life-assurance solution for those that wish to be prepared
to survive these potential events, whether they occur today, tomorrow, or in decades to come.  Co-own a membership interest in a Vivos shelter while there is still space available. 


Read this risk assessment.


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