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Fractional Villas - The worldwide leader in private, resort and luxury fractional ownership properties. Own a deeded interest in your dream vacation villa. Use anytime. Deeded equity interest.  Share the costs.

Fractional ownership of dream vacation homes.

  MountainFractional Ownership Real Estate. Luxury fractional ownership properties in the world's best locations.Villas

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Fractional Ownership Dream Palaces in Dream Places. The world's best private luxury fractional ownership homes.

Arrive.  Indulge.  Relax.

Own a share of a luxury fractional ownership property,

previously only afforded by the privileged few.

 No more waiting for that elusive dream. 

Fractional ownership of millionaire retreat homes.  Shared ownership homes worldwide.

Traditionally, luxury assets such as vacation homes, private jets and yachts have been owned at huge expense by the privileged few. 

Along with the high purchase price of these millionaire trophies comes a significant ongoing expense associated with their upkeep, including maintenance, insurance, taxes, and management. 

Fractional shared ownership allows even middle-income buyers the opportunity to own a slice of the pie and share the dream with ownership of their own second, or third vacation home.  With Fractional Villas®, you can own a long-term, appreciating asset, fully transferable, without the full cost of ownership, maintenance headaches, or worries of renting your unused time to offset the expense.  

No more waiting for that elusive dream.  Now you can capture the moment between when you've made it and can still enjoy it!

Photo by Roger Wade

 Dream Palaces in Dream Places! 

Fractional Villas in California, Washington, Oregon, Hawaii, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, New York, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Europe, EU, UK, United Kingdom, England, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Bahamas, British Columbia, Caribbean, Worldwide.Come face to face with your pleasure zones. Indulge in Fractional Ownership!

Owning a share of one of our Fractional Villas® is like a sample box of chocolates.  Enjoy the world's best resort locations, while owning your own vacation villa at a fraction of the real cost.  

Fractional Villas® are the sweet spot in today's real estate market.  All of the pleasures of ownership and making a long-term investment in real property, without the huge upfront, or ongoing expenses.  It's like having your "candy" and eating it too, with none of the guilt of course!

Fractional Villas® finds the best properties, in perfect locations, with perfect architecture, perfect furnishings, and perfect amenities, assuring Wow Factor!  We then bring together other like-minded co-owners, that will equally share the dream, value and benefits of co-owning their vacation villa, without the typical cost and ongoing management issues that go with it.  

All this is provided under the Fractional Villas® brand, that is growing globally from the United States, to Latin America and Europe, with our patent pending program.  

Indulge in the ownership of your private vacation home, with real equity that  you, your family and friends will appreciate for years to come!

Certain locations represent future Fractional Villas® expansion markets.

 An Undivided Ownership with an Equal Right of Use.   

The Fractional Villas Ownership Wheel assures an equal right of usage for each owner. Fractional Home Owners Association includes Property Management, Reservation System, Complete Maintenance, Exchange Network and more.

The concept is very simple!  We bring unrelated parties together to co-own a second home, similar to what friends and relatives have done on their own, for decades.  But, if you've ever tried to find a group of friends that are ready, willing and able to buy a vacation property that you can all agree upon, then you probably know it is virtually impossible.  So, Fractional Villas® does it all for you.

We do all the work, finding like-minded parties, with the same desire to own one of our villas.  Our owners are typically well educated, upper middle class executives and professionals, with enough net worth that they could afford to purchase the property on their own (but they know better!).  


Each co-owner receives an undivided deeded interest in their specific Fractional Villa®, with an equal right of possessionNot a timeshare, but real equitable ownership!  Owners rotate their usage every week forever, with each owner receiving a guaranteed right to use the property every 4 to 12 weeks, depending on the respective number of co-owners.  However, under our unique reservation system, any owner can use the property anytime they want.  If two or more owners wish to use the property at the same time, then the Priority Reservation System determines which owner has the highest priority for that specific week.  Owners can swap weeks to best fit their schedules or combine multiple weeks for longer stays.

Fractional Villas® takes care of all the details, starting with the industry's most comprehensive legal document package, creating the Home Owners' Association and Rules & Regulations on the close of escrow. We then manage the operations of the property, provide ongoing property management, reservation services, concierge, exchange services, comprehensive maintenance, bill paying and the bookkeeping.  With Fractional Villas®, you'll have no second home ownership worries, while enjoying all the benefits, at a fraction of the cost to you.  

 Co-Ownership of your own vacation villa.
Fractional ownership real estateFractional real estate ownership is the intelligent way to own a second home, worth many times your actual investment.  The ultimate way to have the dream vacation home you've always wanted, right now. Why put your dream on hold, when you can enjoy the lifestyle and years of memories today, watching your leveraged real estate investment appreciate over time?

With Fractional Villas® you can own a 1/4 to 1/12th interest in a luxurious and exclusive vacation resort villa for a fraction of the price of conventional ownership. Fractional ownership is the fastest growing segment of the real estate industry today. It is extremely practical and progressive, with flexible usage, typically providing the amount of access you need and want, while splitting the purchase price, and all of the ongoing expenses. This appealing form of vacation property ownership provides virtually all the benefits of deeded real estate ownership without all of the burdens and responsibilities that go along with it.  Why pay for more than what you can and will typically use and enjoy?  

Affordable ownership and appreciation.  The best of both worlds! 

 Fractional deeded interest. 

Fractional ownership homes and fractional co-ownership homes.

Fractional Villas® appeal to the luxury fractional real estate buyer who can fully afford a wholly owned vacation home, but just cannot justify spending the money on something visited so infrequently, or just one property.  Fractional ownership provides you with all the time you will typically use, versus the excess time with whole ownership that you will not use. The world is quickly discovering that fractional ownership is the intelligent way to own a second home, and, a more desirable and affordable alternative to whole ownership.

Only 5 star - upscale luxury properties, with that special "Wow Factor" are added to our portfolio for your consideration. Fractional Villas® allows you to purchase a bigger, better property than you could normally afford, in a superior location, with better architecture and space, while spending much less on both the acquisition and the ongoing expenses, which of course are equally shared by the co-owners.

 Fractional Ownership will awaken your inner spirit!

Start dreaming of your perfect vacation home, then stop by any of our Fractional Villas® and see what your money can buy.  Let us impress you with our turn-key decorator furnishings.  Now you can afford to vacation where you want to be, with all the space and amenities you have wished for. Your vacation starts the moment you arrive. Your refrigerator is fully stocked, your clothes are unpacked from storage, and your sports equipment is where you secured it.  There’s nothing left to do but have fun.  Go ahead call your family and your friends.  Reward your employees, woo your clients and write off part of your fractional?  Get ready to enjoy your success; with your dream vacation home, that only you know was a bargain at a fraction of the upfront cost!

Capture the moment between when you have made it, and can still enjoy it!   You're not dreaming.  You've discovered Fractional Villas®


Each fractional ownership property listed herein, is separately owned. Fractional Villas® is neither the owner, nor the real estate sales broker of the properties. Each Fractional Villas® fractional ownership property is a separate offering. This is not a solicitation or offering for fractional ownership in those states where regulated. Fractional Villas makes no warranty express or implied as to the merchantability or legality of any fractional ownership offering herein.

The information contained on this website is believed to be accurate to the best of our knowledge. The purchaser of any fractional ownership interest is solely responsible for verifying all information contained herein. Actual Fractional Villas® properties may vary in location, size, bedrooms, bathrooms, character, furnishings, equipment, fixtures, amenities and features. Certain photos featured within this website are for example purposes only. Unless expressly stated in the purchase or operating agreements of any property featured on this website, Fractional Villas is not the property manager, concierge, or scheduling agent, and shall not provide any services related thereto.

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   Fractional Villas®

Fractional Villas provides equal opportunity for second home ownership.

Fractional Ownership is Green Ownership and is good for the environment.

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