Vivos has established a protocol for alerting its members of an impending catastrophe or regional life-threatening event.  Members are notified by phone, email and through the internet subject to the availability of such systems.  However, members do not need to wait for an alert from Vivos.  They are free to go to their respective Vivos shelter whenever they believe there is an impending catastrophe, or actual life threatening event that requires the underground shelter for survival. 

Members need only arrive before the facility is locked down, which of course is done at the last possible moment.  The decision of when to lockdown the facility is made by the security team of members within each shelter.  Only they can gauge the intensity and degree of the threat outside and determine the last possible moment to lock the vault doors. 

Should a co-owner member arrive after the doors have been locked and sealed they can request entry through a remote survellience and monitoring device.  If safe, the door will be re-opened and the co-owner member(s) will be swiftly ushered inside.  However, if it is determined by the majority of the members within the facility that it is unsafe to all existing inhabitants to open the door, wherein doing so may cause immediate contamination from radiation, virus, pathogens, water intrusion or any other threat, then the door may not be opened.  The key to surviving at Vivos is to arrive before it is too late to gain access.