Each self-contained Vivos shelter complex is designed to comfortably accommodate a community of members with approximately 100 square feet of (effective) living space per person, in spacious quarters.  The shelters are stocked for one year of autonomous survival to ride out the potential events of virtually any catastrophe, with every detail considered and planned for. 

All shelters include complete and fully furnished living quarters, with semi-private bedrooms, deluxe bathrooms, kitchen and dining areas, spacious lounges and meeting areas, computers, theater electronics, exercise equipment, well stocked educational and entertainment materials, an urgent medical and dental care center, security facilities with a detention area, vaults for valuables and munitions, a communications center, laundry facilities, a repair shop, and abundant storage areas for food, fuel, water, medicine, supplies and a wardrobe inventory with a large selection of comfortable clothing and footwear in all sizes.

Vivos provides everything needed for the comfort, safety, health and security of its members for autonomous underground survival and habitation, safe from the risks being experienced by the outside world.  While Vivos is preparing and stocking supplies for a minimum of a one year under total lockdown, that may be required due to deadly surface atmosphere conditions, e.g. biological, chemical or radiation contamination, the actual survival period may be significantly extended by a number of factors.

If the shelter is not in lockdown mode, Vivos Members will be able to work on the surface hunting, fishing, farming and gathering supplies to help minimize the actual use of the shelter’s stock. With a wise use of Vivos supplies, the one year habitation can be extended much longer. Food is based on a diet of 2,500 calories per person/day. The elderly and extremely young do not eat 2,500 calories/day thereby providing more supply for others. With rationing of a lower number of calories per day, and the continued supply provided by a hydroponic garden, many months of extended food supply can be realized.

As supplies run out, Vivos members may continue to live at the shelter facility, utilizing it as a home base while they may be required to re-establish a new society on the surface.