Vivos is also an ideal solution for the Continuity of Management or Government, assuring any organization a real solution for the continuity of their management team, or elected officials. Whether they need protection for one, ten, or two hundred, Vivos is the affordable solution.

Few organizations, or local governments have a real management protection solution for an epic catastrophe. Evidenced by most disasters, the 'government' may not be there for you, and cannot accommodate, or provide for everyone. This is especially true with any widespread event, as witnessed with Katrina, or what may be even more catastrophic in the coming years.

Vivos is the opportunity to have an all hazards shelter solution that is assured to be there waiting for you, and your team, even on short notice.  Our network of locations make it possible to always be within a few hundred miles of your organization. Vivos will even build you an exclusive complex wherever you need it - worldwide.