The estimated replacement cost of each Vivos shelter is $20 to $200 million dollars.  Other than the elite, few people can afford their own hardened blast proof shelter.  To make the access and ownership of a Vivos shelter affordable to middle-class families, Vivos is selling each shelter fractionally to as many as co-owners as the complex can comfortably accommodate, each of whom will receive an undivided ownership interest in their specific Vivos shelter.  Like any other form of real estate, each participation interest can be transferred, sold, willed or gifted and should go up in value over time.

The cost of each co-ownership participation interest in most Vivos shelters is currently priced at $50,000 per adult.  In certain shelters children currently under age 16 receive up to a discount when their interest is purchased with at least one accompanying adult share.  Where possible the cost per share is significantly lower, when an economy of scale from larger shelters provides for greater savings.  These prices are for one equity interest, in a turnkey Vivos shelter, complete with a one year supply of food, fuel, water, medical and hygienic supplies, for all co-owners, including furnishings, equipment, fixtures, security systems, and more. 

Vivos cannot stock enough supply of food and fuel to last forever, as that would drive up the cost of ownership for each member, thereby making it unaffordable to most.  With the addition of hydroponic gardens within the Vivos shelters, food management, and passive energy systems, the duration of the shelters use may be significantly extended.  We believe that one year of supply for completely autonomous shelter from the rest of the world will allow for survival of most of the anticipated catastrophe scenarios.  Thereafter, or sooner, Vivos members may begin to return to the surface, once the danger has passed.   Members may continue to live inside their shelter and on the surface for as long as they wish, making the complex their home base as may be necessary.

Current pricing is posted at:

Vivos will only sell a predetermined number of interests per shelter based upon the number of beds scheduled for the subject facility.  Once that amount has been determined it may never be changed, without a unanimous vote by the co-owners through the Owners' Association.  This assures that each owner will have a fixed percentage interest in their respective shelter that cannot be diluted thereafter.

Each Vivos co-owner will also pay their proportionate share of the ongoing costs of their respective shelter.  A key benefit to the co-ownership of each shelter complex is the sharing of costs by all co-owners.  These ongoing costs are considered to be minimal, because each complex is fully stocked and sealed in its turnkey ready condition.  The ongoing costs will include: property insurance and taxes, maintenance, utilities, and the cost of a permanent security/caretaker who will live on-site, to provide basic maintenance, security, and control of owners' access.  The costs will vary for each Vivos complex, depending on local tax rates.  A full operating expense budget is provided to each co-owner during the escrow process.  When shared equally, the monthly cost expense per co-owner is estimated to be $20 to $30, depending primarily on the local property tax accessed against the property.  Only actual expenses are passed through to the co-owners, without markup by Vivos or the Owners' Associations.

Vivos can also build you and your group a private shelter for your exclusive use.  For more information see:

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