The entire Vivos complex incorporates a number of defense devices and measures starting at the perimeter fencing and continuing to the blast doors. There are many levels of security that will need to be breached before an intruder would even get close to the blast proof entry door. 

We are not at liberty to discuss the ongoing security measures, but can say that a number of pre-event and lockdown systems are in place to mitigate any threat or aggressor that may attempt to compromise a facility. The combination of automatic defenses and well trained security personnel will assure control of both chaotic crowds and armed intruders.  These security measures and defenses are in place to assure our owners will have access, while others will not.

The primary defense will be the Vivos members themselves with a significant ratio of trained military, security and law enforcement professionals within each co-owner group.  It will be virtually impossible for any individual, or group to penetrate these security forces.  Vivos fully respects all legal gun rights.  Members are encouraged to bring their own legal weapons for the mutual defense of their Vivos facility.

Every Vivos site is selected for the ability to defend and secure the complex.  This includes the remoteness of the location, natural barriers to public line of sight and access, terrain, elevation, ground cover and camouflage.

All hatches, vents, materials and devices that are exposed to the surface are ballistically hardened to resist forced entry from armed, biological, chemical or flammable assaults.