Vivos has designed each of its shelters to provide as much comfort as reasonably possible, with an average population density of 1 person per 100 square feet of floor area.  FEMA recommends just 50 square feet per person for long-term shelterization.

The design and overall scale of each Vivos facility allows for optimum ‘personal space’, with plenty of private areas for members to retreat to. Should any member have difficulty getting along relationships evolve, they may relocate to different living quarters.  While we cannot predict how the society will evolve, everyone is well aware that their survival depends on cooperation, compassion and mutual effort.

Each Vivos complex is first engineered to withstand the most likely catastrophic forces of both nature and mankind. The interiors are designed with cheerful color schemes, comfortable furnishings and community gathering areas, along with private bedroom suites.

Each shelter includes full size kitchen(s), dining area(s), living room(s), theater area, study area(s), computer desks, exercise equipment, bedrooms suites, private bathrooms, storage, an urgent care medical and dental area, a security office and detention area, along with all of the mechanical and support equipment to fully power and operate the facility for a minimum of 1 year of autonomous underground survival.

To accommodate our disabled Co-Owners, certain areas within a Vivos shelter are dedicated for wheelchair and handicap accessibility for all services, including special bedroom suites, bathrooms, and access to the kitchen, dining areas, medical facilities, exercise, and more.  Vivos shelters are built in compliance with all local, state or federal regulations for handicap access, as well as the Americans with Disabilities Act.