To help many worthy candidates afford a co-ownership interest in Vivos, discounts are occasionally offered to individuals and groups that bring specialized skills to the group of shelterists.  Vivos specifically looks for those individuals that have medical, survivalist and security expertise.  Evaluation of the appropriate discount amount is made by the Risk Management Team, based on a number of factors and variables, including the number of experts within a group, the size of the group, their proximity to a specific Vivos shelter, their skills, the number of additional family members that will need to accompany each expert, and more. 

We welcome your interest and inquiry regarding a discount for your group.


Terms and Conditions: Vivos discount credits are only earned when a buyer, referred by you, has completed all of the following:  1) opened escrow for his or her own full adult price share of a Vivos shelter at the then current Vivos co-ownership share price, 2) fully funded the purchase, and 3) when the escrow for said referred Vivos share interest has closed escrow and the purchase of the Vivos share has been completed and recorded.  Referrals of candidate buyers that have not completed a purchase for a Vivos share, and/or have cancelled, terminated, withdrawn their interest, or rescinded their offer to purchase a share, are not eligible for a discount credit toward the referrers purchase of a Vivos co-ownership share.  Referral credit is only acknowledged to a referrer's account if the party being referred indicates, in their initial membership application, that they were referred by another member and includes the correct email address of the Vivos member that they were referred by.  Vivos discount credits shall not apply for referrals that purchase a Vivos share for less than the current full price share interest, and/or that may subsequently earn their own Vivos discount credit. All terms and conditions of the Vivos discount credit program are subject to change without notice.