Vivos has received several thousand applications from around the world. People worldwide are concerned about the state of the global economy, the nuclear threats in both Iran and Korea, the recent series of earth changes and the end times predictions and prophecies of the Mayans, the Bible, the Hopi Indians, Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce and even the Web Bot Project.

While Vivos originally planned to build shelters across the United States, it is now working with partners around the world to expand the network to those countries that can support a Vivos complex.  The demand seems to be international for both members and partners that would like to help spearhead the effort in their own country. We anticipate that Vivos will be building facilities in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Latin and South America. We are aggressively working toward this goal.

Each Vivos shelter costs $10 million to build and can accommodate up to 200 people for 1 year of autonomous survival.  Vivos will build one, or more shelters in any country subject to gathering enough member interest within a reasonable radius of each location.

We welcome partner and membership interest to help move this project forward in each country and to expand Vivos for the benefit of all mankind. Survival knows no borders!