Each Vivos shelter is managed by its own Owners' Association, with each co-owner/member receiving a voting membership in their association.  Vivos establishes the Association and the Bylaws, Rules and Regulations, Operating Budgets, the Emergency Response Plan, and all operational agreements.  A Shelter Director is appointed from the group, and a number of Operational Teams based on each members skills and expertise. 

Vivos provides management and security oversight to each shelter Owners' Association.  A Management Board is elected that is responsible for managing the ongoing operations of the shelter, the Shelter Director, Emergency Response Team, and the Operational Teams. During Emergency Conditions, every willing and
able adult Member that wishes to serve on the Management Board will do so, with participation rotating on a monthly basis.  It is the intent of this structure to allow all members the opportunity to serve, with equal authority and responsibility for the neutral and mutual benefit of all other members.

The Shelter Director oversees the day-to-day operation of the shelter and directs, as necessary, the Operational Teams (including the Emergency Response and Security Team), acting as the executive officer of the Management Board.  Teams are appointed by the Shelter Director and Management Board based on each Memberís professional licenses (if any), skills and abilities. Ready, willing and able Members may apply to serve on, or resign from, an Operations Team at any time.  Operational Teams include a:
  • Emergency Response Team
  • Medical Team
  • Food Management and Preparation Team
  • Facility Cleaning and Maintenance Team
The collective abilities and talents will help assure the anticipated, long-term, underground survival of each Vivos shelter community. A permanent security caretaker lives on site to provide basic maintenance and control of Member access.

The complete management and precedural package is designed for the greatest protection of lives and the shelter property through effective use of the Members and their collective resources. Since an emergency may be sudden and without warning, these procedures are designed to be flexible in order to accommodate contingencies of various types of magnitudes.  As and when necessary, procedures and rules can be changed with either a simple majority vote, or in certain cases, the vote of all members. 

No personal rights are given up by the Members within a Vivos facility.  The Bylaws, Rules and Regulations, and the Code of Conduct closely follows the U.S. Constitution, with the basic tenet that, no member shall ever cause harm, or be allowed to be a threat to another member.

As part of each Members due diligence, they are provided a complete set of these documents for their review and approval during the contingent period of their escrow process.