Vivos' goal is to complete as many shelters around the world as possible, subject to geniune member interest and bona fide written reservations, the overall cost and expense, existing or suitable locations, and the time remaining to do so. 

With the tremendous cost of each new shelter, it is impossible for Vivos to pre-construct these complexes without members ready, willing and able to commit to purchasing their co-ownership interests upon each shelter's completion.  Thus, each new shelter facility will be brought online as we reach a critical mass of member reservations to support the breakeven cost of each designated site. 

Sites have been chosen based on many factors, including proximity to a major population base and metropolitan areas, ability to mitigate the forces of a distant nuclear blast, biological terrorism, a mega-tsunami, earthquakes and volcanoes, and the multitude of other threats, while providing for defensible security, access to deep underground water sources and the chance to utilize natural resources upon returning to the surface.

Exact Vivos locations are known only by each shelter's co-owners. Please see this map for a general idea of the planned or existing locations.  Custom Vivos shelters are scalable, with the capacity to add sections to accommodate virtually any size group.

Note: Making a fully refundable reservation for a co-ownership interest, in a yet to be built Vivos shelter, does not assure that specific shelter will be built, as it is subject to our obtaining enough reservations to proceed.  Reservationists are welcome to cancel their reservation at anytime, and/or transfer their interest to another proposed or existing Vivos shelter, subject to availability and the price, terms and conditions of any such alternative shelter.