Each Vivos shelter will have a medical and dental facility with a range of triage and basic capabilities. They will be well-stocked with general medical supplies and equipment.  Members will send a supply of their prescription medications as available for storage within the facility.  Due to the shelf life of many medications, these supplies will need to be periodically replaced by each member, while expired medications are then destroyed.

Actual medical services will be provided by those members that are already medical professionals.  Roughly 30% of current member applications are from individuals within the medical field, including: doctors, surgeons, nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists, dentists, lab technicians, and emergency medical technicians (EMTs). 

Once under lockdown, all Vivos members will provide their individual expert services to all other members for their mutual support and survival.

To insure communicable diseases are not spread throughout the facility, as each member owner arrives at their Vivos shelter, they will be screened by the medical team for potential exposure or infection from known viruses or pathogens.

Members suspected of contamination will be quarantined until it is determined that they are safe to mix with the general population within the shelter.  However, there is no guarantee that one or more infected persons may gain access to the shelter and expose the other members to possible infection.  The medical team will do everything they can with the supplies and technology they have available to try to prohibit and/or limit any possible exposure and/or cross-contamination.