Each Vivos complex is outfitted with a state of the art power generation system and an abundant fuel supply to operate all equipment on a 24/7 basis for up to one year.  A typical 100 person Vivos shelter will consume 1 megawatt of power per over a 24 hour day period.  However, most systems are only operated over a 12 hour daily power consumption period, requiring an average of 82kWs per hour. 

Vivos employs pairs of very reliable diesel generators, operating far below their respective peak capacity. The redundancy in the power generation equipment, as well as replacement parts for potential repairs, assure an ongoing failsafe operation. 

Fuel is stored in deep underground storage tanks and pumped into the shelter complex through explosion proof and flexible shock resistant piping.  All devices meet UL and EPA requirements.  Fuel storage provides for operation of the power systems throughout the peak consumption periods, while also charging large battery banks that then separately power the 12 and 24 volt fixtures and equipment that run throughout the night and as backup systems.  This setup allows for a continuous power supply, without fulltime operation of the generators. 

Additional forms of passive energy are incorporated when possible including: solar and wind power systems.  Where possible, all electrical devices are energy efficient and low wattage assuring the least amount of power consumption.