Each Vivos facility incorporates a number of security measures, defenses and surprises. The security devices include state of the art remote controlled equipment, cameras and sensors, each operable from within the facilities and from distant central surveillance centers.  While specific security measures cannot be revealed to the public, we can say it would be virtually impossible to execute a breach of the shelter without suffering significant losses.

Co-owners of each shelter are allowed access after passing a number of security checks that identify each person as an official member co-owner. 

Based on the current demographic profiles of Vivos members, a large percentage of the co-owners at each shelter typically have extensive military, law enforcement and security experience.  These members will perform the actual security and defensive duties for their shelter, both before and after lockdown.

Each facility includes a detention area should any member become a threat to the others.  The security team within each facility will be capable of handling any situation that arises.

High security gun vaults store all weapons within each facility.  Weapons may only be removed and used for defensive measures against outside intruders or threats.

Additional high security safes will be available for the storage of any valuables co-owners may bring with them, e.g. gold, jewelry, coins, or other precious valuables.