Due to the prohibitive costs of staffing each Vivos facility, the actual member/co-owners perform all management and operational duties.  Each member is assigned an ongoing responsibility, based on their skills, expertise and ability, from medical, to security, operations, maintenance, meal preparation, education, exercise, communications, etc. 

The collective abilities and talents will help assure the anticipated, long-term, underground survival of each Vivos shelter community.  Actual Vivos co-owners are able to visit their shelter anytime they choose.  Bi-annually, each shelter group is invited for a weekend retreat at their shelter to meet fellow co-owners and train for the operation of their shelter.  This group meeting allows owners to get to know each other, as well as plan for their respective duties and responsibilities for any potential use of their Vivos shelter.  Members are encouraged to spend the night in their shelter and become familiar with the operation of the facility and the surroundings. 

A permanent security/caretaker will live on site to provide basic maintenance and control of member access.