Vivos outfits each shelter with all of the supplies, furnishings, fixtures and equipment needed for long-term underground survival. Every consideration has been made for the overall comfort and survival of the community of Vivos member co-owners.

We are stocking each Vivos facility for up to one year of autonomous survival for the inhabitants.  Our research shows this is most practical time period for 99% of the envisioned threats. Obviously, there are scenarios that could require longer duration, even for hundreds of years. A longer event period would require more food, fuel and supplies at a proportional increase in cost and storage space. We are trying to make Vivos as affordable as possible to the general public, without adding that significant expense. Everything has its tradeoffs!

Each Vivos shelter will be stocked with an abundant supply of delicious freeze-dried and other long-shelf life foods, for one year of autonomous survival for the number of specific co-owners.  While Vivos is preparing and stocking supplies for a minimum of a one year of autonomous shelter habitation under total lockdown, that may be required due to deadly surface atmosphere conditions, e.g. biological, chemical or radiation contamination, the actual survival period may be significantly extended by a number of factors. 

There is no “maximum” time a person may stay in the shelter. We stock and supply each shelter with enough food, fuel and supplies to provide for a “minimum” of 1 year of autonomous habitation for survival. This period may be extended depending on the circumstances of the catastrophe, e.g. outside air, ability to grow food on the surface, temperatures, supplemental fuel/power sources, etc. The Vivos 1000 economy class shelter is stocked for just 6 months duration to bring down the cost of co-ownership.

If the shelter is not in lockdown mode, Vivos Members will be able to work on the surface hunting, fishing, farming and gathering supplies to help minimize the actual use of the shelter’s stock. With a wise use of Vivos supplies, the one year habitation can be extended much longer. Food is based on a diet of 2,500 calories per person/day. The elderly and extremely young do not eat 2,500 calories/day thereby providing more supply for others. With rationing of a lower number of calories per day, and the continued supply provided by a hydroponic garden, many months of extended food supply can be realized.

As supplies run out, Vivos members may continue to live at the shelter facility, utilizing it as a home base as they may be required to re-establish a new society on the surface.

Vivos will also store a large supply of materials and equipment for use both during any shelter habitation, and for what may be expected after returning to the surface. Every co-owner is provided a one year supply of food, beverages, water, clothing, bedding, toiletries, medicine, medical equipment, security devices, survival gear, a library of books, educational and entertainment materials, exercise & gym equipment, tools, spare parts, radios, computers, televisions, safes, refrigerated vaults, off-road vehicles, fuel, non-hybrid seeds, farming tools, hunting and fishing equipment, and much more. Members need only arrive.  Everything is provided, ready and waiting.

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