Vivos has strived to build and/or retrofit our massive community, co-ownership shelters to mitigate the anticipated forces of the worst-case catastrophes, both natural and manmade, including: 

2 megaton nuclear explosion from just 5 miles  
  Radiological, chemical and biological agents (NBC)
Solar flares with millions of volts and radiation
Flooding submersion for an extended period
A sudden pole shift
Asteroid or comet strikes
Social unrest and attack by marauders and forces
Super volcano ash fallout
Electromagnetic pulse blast (EMP)
Acts of terrorism
Forced entry and non-military armed assaults
Force 10 magnitude earthquakes in succession
45 PSI of blast overpressure forces
  300+ MPH surface winds
  Extreme external surface fires and temperature
  Pandemics and viral diseases
Note: The above-mentioned list assumes strikes, blasts and explosions are not a direct or nearby hit. Our Quantum private shelters vary in their degree of resistance and mitigation of these threat scenarios, subject to the location of installation, soil conditions, elevation, amount of concrete and steel reinforcement provided by the customer on installation, the proximity to the actual threat or force, and other factors.