Vivos co-owners may access their respective Vivos shelter in the event of imminent emergency, catastrophe, or life-threatening disaster, requiring an underground shelter for survival.  After all, the shelter is their property!

With the exception of frequent weekend retreats for all shelter co-owners, designed to meet each other and train for the operation of their shelter, the facility may only be used for survival protection in a life-threatening or emergency situation.  Otherwise, co-owners cannot stay overnight in the shelter unless an emergency or catastrophic event is imminent, or has already occurred. Vivos is not a second-home, resort, hotel, or recreational facility, nor are the properties zoned for multi-family housing. 

The group meetings allows co-owners to get to know each other, as well as plan for their respective duties and responsibilities for any potential use of their Vivos shelter.  On these occasions co-owners are encouraged to become familiar with the operation of the facility, the surroundings and the best routes to get there. 

Over a person's lifetime they may travel to their shelter on many emergency occasions with what may later be determined to be a false alarm.  Any consumption of supplies or food within the facility must be immediately replaced to assure 100% readiness for future events.

The Vivos Rules & Regulations provided during the purchase process outline this policy in greater detail, as well as a comprehensive definition of what constitutes and emergency.