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Vivos Is Expanding Our Global Network

Vivos is currently building a network of hardened underground shelters strategically located around the world, within reach of the major regions they serve. At full build-out, our goal is to be able to accommodate about 1 in every 1 million people on Earth.

Each Vivos shelter will be strategically located away from potential ground-zero blast areas, at high altitudes, and in the best surroundings of nature and resources. While proximity is important, survivability is more concerning.

Our criteria includes viability, elevation, land contour, accessibility, privacy, security, area resources, scale, and cost. Each Vivos shelter is totally autonomous and self-sufficient, with deep underground water sources, fuel storage, sewage systems, cubic storage for a massive amount of food and supplies, and the appropriate security measures.

Vivos is not intended for the proverbial '20 minute' nuclear attack notice, that will likely never be announced, nor even provide you with enough time to get to a "backyard shelter". Most epic events will provide days, weeks and even months of advance notice, allowing you time to travel to your Vivos shelter, where you will have the best chance of survival, along with fellow like-minded shelterists and their respective diverse skill sets to support each other, as you ride out the events above.

Anything less is not viable or truly survivable!

Terra Vivos
Terra Vivos

Don't Be Left Out!

Join us while you still can and space is available.

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Contact us to obtain more information and to secure your space in a Vivos bunker.
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