Watch this classic Twilight Zone episode and
learn why you shouldn't build a shelter
in your backyard or basement.

Then read this analysis

Beware of the low cost, corrugated drain pipe bunkers, and fiberglass cocoons, that are little more than overrated storm shelters.
Vivos Has Many Shelter Options
To Meet Your Requirements
Currently Available Shelters

  Vivos offers you many shelter solutions to suit your budget and your personal requirements.

Our member co-owned shelters, like Vivos Indiana, are typically less expensive per person due to the benefits of fractional ownership of the overall shelter by each shelter group.

Vivos xPoint is our newest private shelter solution, with 575 fortified bunkers located in SW South Dakota, now becoming the largest survival community on Earth.

Vivos Europa One is our most massive and fortified shelter, located in the heart of Europe, now available to just 34 high net worth families.

Our Quantum line of private shelters are perfect for those families or groups that want total privacy on their own land, virtually anywhere in the world.

The Vivos Trine shelter complex is our largest custom private shelter system, designed for very large groups of 150 to 500 people, or more, with an ample budget to match.

Either way, Vivos has real life-assurance options for you and your loved ones!


Vivos member co-owned shelter complexes comfortably accommodate large groups of people, in spacious living quarters, outfitted and stocked for a minimum of one year of autonomous survival to ride out the potential events. Virtually every detail has been considered and planned for. Members need to only arrive before their facility is locked down and secured from the chaos above.

Included within the Vivos network is a group of existing nuclear hardened shelters built by governments during the Cold War. These shelters varying in size, shape, and configuration, but in each case they were built to last for hundreds of years and withstand the forces of a 20 megaton nuclear blast within just a few miles. These shelters are completely retrofitted with state of the art mechanical, electrical, an internal power generation system, backup battery banks, deep water wells, biological, chemical and radiation (NBC) air filtration systems, sewage discharge and disposal systems, and critical support equipment including off-road vehicles, extensive security devices, as well as all new fit and finishes on virtually every surface. 

Vivos shelters include complete and fully furnished living quarters, with semi-private bedrooms, deluxe bathrooms, kitchen and dining areas, spacious lounges and meeting areas, computers, entertainment electronics, exercise equipment, a library or educational and entertainment materials, security devices, a detention area, vaults for valuables and munitions, a communications center, laundry facilities, repair shop, and more. We stock each shelter for up to one year of autonomous survival for the members, including an abundant supply of food, fuel, over-the-counter medicines, hygienic supplies, and toilet paper. Our larger shelters even include a medical and dental care center, with x-ray equipment.

Vivos truly provides everything needed for the autonomous safety, security, comfort and well-being of each of the co-owner members that inhabit our shelters.

Vivos shelters are managed by the respective Shelter Association Management Board with Vivos oversight. The Board elects a Shelter Director to oversee day to day operations, with special Emergency Response and Operational Teams for ongoing maintenance, services, replenishment, security and surveillance. The Association Bylaws and Emergency Response Plan governs every predictable condition and procedure, before and during a shelter lockdown.

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