In most cases, shelter buyers (even those with the means to buy the best) rationalize the decision to purchase the cheapest option as being good enough. Unfortunately, they get what they pay for, but won't realize their mistake until disaster actually strikes.

Vivos is your life-assurance solution whether you choose to join a massive Vivos community shelter, with the strength and fortification built to withstand all of the anticipated forces, or to have your own private Quantum shelter.

Read This Before You Unwittingly Buy An Unsafe Shelter

All shelters are not created equal!  Vivos structural concrete and steel shelters are built to withstand the severest of forces and impacts, including a 20 megaton blast from just a few miles away. Vivosí structural strength is similar to that of a nuclear power plant, a missile silo, and even the governments deep underground bunkers. There is a reason those structures are not made of corrugated drainage pipes, steel boxes, or fiberglass tanks. 

Beware of the large diameter corrugated drain pipes, and even fiberglass cocoons that all claim to provide affordable protection. This class of structures is best described as a storm shelter, to protect you from a tornado or hurricane. These thin walled, flimsy, low-cost, ill-equipped, and Spartan shelters will likely not protect you from the anticipated forces of a series of severe earthquakes, intermittent submersion from a tsunami, an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) blast, a CME (coronal mass ejection), extreme surface temperatures, flooding, a pole shift, the shockwave from an asteroid impact and resulting fallout, biological attack and/or pathogens, a super volcanic eruption and the ash blanket to follow, or even an armed attack from potential marauders.

While the converted, corrugated metal drain pipes may seem resilient, an extensive report from the Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering (JGGE) cites the numerous cases where these large diameter pipes have totally collapsed, or were severely deformed from the ground shock waves, forces and movement during the Northridge Earthquake which was just 6.7 magnitude. Can you imagine your family being trapped inside one of these steel contortions, no thicker than a small coin? 

The following graphic, produced by for the JGGE report illustrates the severity of the collapse and failures of large diamter corrugated pipes from earthquake forces.  Imagine being trapped, or worse, in one of these contorted tubes. Read the full engineering report and analysis of these inferior shelters before you stake your life on one.

Do your own test.  Take an empty plastic water bottle, place your mouth over the opening and blow air into it without letting any air escape.  The bottle will symmetrically absorb the pressure in tension.  This is similar to the effects of air overpressure and under pressure from an explosive blast wave.   However, now squeeze the bottle with just two fingers.  Due to its thin gauge wall in proportion to the diameter of the cylinder, it easily collapses.  This is similar to the seismic forces created by an earthquake with a massive underground shockwave and the crushing movement of the soil itself.

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