Read This Before You Unwittingly Buy An Unsafe Shelter

As the original manufacturers of these corrugated metal pipes (CMP) will admit, they were never meant for human habitation, just use as drain pipes.  The CMP manufacturers will claim that the US government tested one of these style shelters during the Cold War nuclear tests back in the 1960's.  They will claim that while similar CMP's collapsed in the 6.7 magnitude Northridge earthquake, their shelters are structurally different than a standard pipe with open ends, because they cap both ends of the 40 to 60 foot length of their shelters.  Unfortunately, these light gauge steel 'end caps' are not structural, nor do they overcome the inferior strength of a CMP under the seismic stresses, ground acceleration, moment magnitude and repeated aftershocks of an earthquake.  They even draw a comparison to submarines that employ a cylindrical fuselage. This is true, but submarines are not made of flimsy 10 gauge steel pipe!

These pipes have demonstrated that simply did NOT standup to those forces, much less the anticipated forces that Vivos builds for, well beyond a nuclear blast.  A modern 'all risk' shelter must be resistant to a nearby nuclear blast and the resulting radiation, as well as a long list of other potential ground forces from either natural or manmade disasters. The shape is not the issue.  The structure is!

The common practice of shelter manufacturers is to simply bury these 'pipe shelters' in the ground, without concrete encapsulation to hold them down from rising ground water, liquefaction of the soil resulting from a major earthquake, or complete flood submersion from excessive rains or a tsunami.  They also readily admit that their shelters are NOT waterproof, thus you may expect they will leak either devastating the shelter before use, or potentially drowning the inhabitants during a shelterization.  One of the fiberglass shelters was recently featured on a television show, with the owner chest deep in water INSIDE the shelter!  While they will leak water, they are also thereby not resistant to ground gas infiltration, such as methane, that can be released from the earth changes with a seismic catastrophe. 

Remember, corrugated metal pipes were designed to allow water to travel through them, not to be sealed up like an unsupported tank, unable to resist either flooding, or an underground shockwave.  Even underground fuel storage tanks are engineered with greater strength, provided by double-wall construction and concrete anchorage to keep them from floating to the surface from rising ground water.

From a complete collapse, to flooding, gas permeation, or worse, these light gauge, corrugated shelters can quickly become your grave in a real catastrophe, with no way out.

Vivos concrete and steel shelters are built to withstand the severest of forces and impact, including a 20 megaton blast from just 2 miles away. Vivosí structural strength is similar to that of a nuclear power plant. There is a reason nuclear power plants are not made of recycled shipping containers, corrugated pipes, or fiberglass shells.

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