Planet X

Planet X - Nibiru

Many people believe an undiscovered planet exists and that the object periodically sweeps through the solar system causing a pole shift that would destroy most of humanity. NASA officially acknowledged the possibility of Planet X, with the announcement that ‘some kind of mystery object is really there – far beyond the outermost planets’.

A 4,500 year old Sumerian tablet depicts a 12th planet in the solar system. The Sumerians said Earth was really half a planet called Tiamat, which broke up in a collision with Nibiru, [or Planet X]. The Mesopotamian and biblical sources suggest that the orbit of this planet is 3,600 years, and that its periodic return to the inner solar system, and the Earth’s vicinity, creates a strong gravitational pull that creates havoc and destruction by disturbing the comets and asteroids orbiting in the Ort Cloud.

Some believe Planet X, or Nibiru, trails a dark dwarf star that religious followers call “Wormwood”, named in the New Testament book of Revelation. Various scientific scenarios have been theorized on the effects of an asteroid or comet's collision with Earth. An applicable scenario theorizes a chemical change in the atmosphere due to "heat shock" during entry and/or impact of a large asteroid or comet, reacting oxygen and nitrogen in the atmosphere to produce nitric-acid rain. The bitterness produced by the Wormwood Star upon a third of the Earth's potable water could be the Biblical prediction of acid rain from the heat shock of a large comet or asteroid's impact with Earth, or perhaps that is the comets themselves raining down on Earth.

To help resist this form of catastrophe, the Vivos shelters are designed like a modern day fortress, or citadel to withstand:

  • Flooding submersion for extended periods
  • Extreme external fires at 1,250 Fahrenheit
  • The effects of a magnetic pole shift
  • 450 MPH surface winds
  • 100 LB hail stones at speeds of 100 mph
  • Force 10 earthquakes in successions
  • 20 megaton air burst detonated 10 miles away

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