Time Remaining

Nobody Knows How Much Time Remains

We do know that you cannot prepare when everyone is panicking for an immediate solution

To put time in perspective, if the history of the Earth was one calendar year long, mankind’s existence on the planet would begin on December 31st, at 11:58 PM. The human race has lived on Earth for only 0.004% of the planet’s history. There is no assurance that our race will continue, therefore it is our responsibility to do everything we can to survive.

Vivos is in a race against time to complete construction and commissioning of our planned global network of underground community shelters. Since Robert Vicino's original inspiration in 1980, that he needed to build an underground shelter to save thousands of people from a future life-extinction event, he and Vivos have been on a mission to build as many shelters as possible, while we still have time.

Vivos is not about a specific date that these events will happen, but rather providing a long-term, community survival solution for future events, occurring this year, or decades beyond.

Nobody knows when or if the numerous prophecies of the ages will actually happen. We are in a pivotal time, that coincides with the prophecies of the Bible, but also Christianity, Judaism, Freemasonry, the Hopi Indians, Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, and many ancient cultures separated by thousands of miles, all predicting a coming apocalyptic catastrophe. Many predict there will either be a series of Earth devastating disasters, a spiritual transformation, the biblical apocalypse, and even the end of the world as we know it.

Scientists understand that the Earth has had a number of catastrophic, events that repeat on a somewhat predictable cycle, or random basis. Catastrophe can happen at any time, without notice, today, tomorrow, this year, or even decades from now. It's not a question of if, but when, and being prepared when it does! Many current events, both natural and political are pointing to potential disastrous changes for life as we know it. The process may already be unfolding. The list of risks and threats is long and becoming more apparent in the daily news and events now all around us.

Vivos is a form of life-assurance for if and when these events happen. We cannot predict, but we can prepare. Either way, Vivos is here to provide a real life-assurance solution for those that wish to be prepared.

Remember, it wasn't raining when Noah built the Ark!

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Terra Vivos

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