Vivos Affiliate Banners
Become a Vivos Affiliate today and start earning commissions, while providing your customers the ultimate survival solution.

Step 1: Join our Affiliate Program by sending us an email including your website URL to: 

Step 2: Select which of our banners on this page that you would like to feature.  Just tell us the banner letter designation listed under the banner, e.g. Banner A.

Step 3: Obtain your affiliate link for the selected banner from Vivos. 

Step 4: Right click and save any banner on this page.  All banners are animated .gif images.  Banners must be stored in the root directory of your website for the script to operate properly.  

Step 5: Integrate the Vivos banner and the unique hyperlink code we will provide you into your webpage.

Step 6: Sit back and enjoy your new income stream.


Banner A: 720 x 300

Banner B: 728 x 90

Banner C: 728 x 90

Banner D: 140 x 600   Banner E: 160 x 600 Banner Q: 120 x 600

Banner F: 240 x 400

Banner G: 300 x 600

Banner H: 580 x 180

Banner I: 720 x 300
Custom sizes and non-animated banners are available on request.
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