Will You Survive In A Backyard Shelter?

Many people ask us about having a personal shelter installed on their own property thinking that is better to have a basic shelter close to home, than a Vivos shelter miles away. There are many points to address when considering such a purchase. If you are considering a backyard shelter proceed with caution as most prefab and small family shelters will NOT survive the massive forces and threats that every Vivos shelter is built for. Worse yet, how will you defend it and keep your neighbors out.

Ask yourself the following questions before you invest in a ‘backyard shelter’.

What if you are not at home when disaster strikes?

(If you are not already at home when a catastrophic situation strikes, a backyard shelter is useless. The proverbial ‘20 minutes nuclear notice’ only works if you are home, awake, listening to either your television or radio, and the government has published an alert. Even the government knows that to survive with just a few minutes’ notice, you need to already be in the shelter. With such little time, getting to your shelter, locking it down and activating the systems is unlikely. You never know exactly where you will be when disaster strikes…at work, shopping, traveling, in traffic, at school, or even sleeping. The chances of being home, catching the alert broadcast, and getting to your shelter are very, very remote. Vivos is not for 20 minutes notice, but rather for a 1-day, week, or even months of advance notice that will allow you the time to travel to your Vivos shelter. Most events do provide some notice, even nuclear war as the rhetoric increases between nations, or worse yet, a nuclear device is exploded somewhere in the world. That is when it is time to head to your shelter.

Can you keep your backyard shelter a secret?

The answer is: NO. It is nearly impossible to keep the purchase, permitting, construction, and any camouflage a secret. Word always leaks out and someone will know. When the time comes, you will need to fight off your ‘friends’, neighbors and even relatives, all wanting access from a pending catastrophe, or worse yet, trying to break in after you’ve sealed the door. The location of every Vivos shelter is extremely secure and confidential, and known ONLY to fellow Co-Owners. However, while Vivos does not promote the exact location of each shelter, it does anticipate local awareness and crowd control. Every Vivos shelter is equipped with high-security barriers, fencing, devices and a security team that is ready, willing and very able to defend their complex. It will be virtually impossible for anyone to infiltrate a Vivos shelter complex. Unfortunately, a backyard home shelter does not include these security measures that are absolutely necessary for the ongoing integrity and success of any shelter.

How many well-armed and well-trained people will be with you in your shelter?

There is strength in numbers, and you will almost certainly be outnumbered by ‘outsiders.’ Following disaster, urban areas will be overcome with anarchy. Even if you survive the “event”, you will not be able to repel the desperate anarchists when they come looking for what you have. A backyard bunker is easily discovered, easily compromised and impossible to defend properly against roving gangs of scavengers, including your neighbors next door. Desperate people do desperate things. Approximately one-third of all Vivos Members have Military and/or Law Enforcement backgrounds. Along with several hundred other members in your Vivos community, the security measures, forces and devices that a Vivos facility incorporates ensures the defensible safety of yourself and your loved ones.

Is your shelter at least 10-feet underground and specifically designed to withstand ALL of these threats?

You cannot build a TRULY “Secure Shelter” with appropriate NBC air filtration, power and water purification systems for multiple people in your backyard for less than the collective Vivos share price for each occupant. A typical backyard NBC “bomb shelter” costs $300K to $500K installed, plus additional expenses to fully equip it with food, fuel tanks and fuel, clothing, furniture, bedding, medicine, communications devices, etc. Most of backyard shelters are installed much less than 10-feet below the surface, and will not survive the natural and manmade forces that each Vivos facility is designed to withstand. Fiberglass and thin walled steeled structures DO NOT withstand the massive blast waves. Vivos hardened blast proof shelters do.

Is your shelter specifically designed for long-term underground habitation?

Underground survival takes extreme tolls on the human body, mind and spirit. You will not survive in something hardly bigger than a small shipping container, without space to move around, and a community of talented people with various backgrounds and expertise (physicians, laborers, artists, security, survivalists, etc.) to help you get through all of the physical and mental challenges. Being in a community of like-minded people with an abundance of supplies, amenities and ‘creature comforts’ is essential for your survival as well as your sanity. This type of diversified preparedness co-ownership shelter community, with ample space per person to exercise, move around, find privacy, and/or gather socially, is only currently available through Vivos.

Are you going to reside in the same home forever?

If you ever move, and your property is sold, you will not get any extra market value for a backyard shelter. You cannot take it with you, and you will have lost your entire ‘investment’. This has been a common complaint we hear from Vivos members. Some have even indicated that they built shelters at 3 or 4 consecutive homes and never recaptured any value when they sold their home. Your Vivos shelter will always be available for you, even if you move within the same regional area, and/or may be transferred (subject to availability) to the closest Vivos shelter to your new home area. With Vivos you never lose your investment and it will always have a market value should you wish to later sell it.

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