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Vivos is a Modern Day Noah's Ark

Vivos is effectively a modern day Noah’s Ark, providing people with a “Life-Assurance Solution” to preserve their life and that of their loved ones. Vivos is the most viable solution for the continuance of life, providing an underground shelter fortress to survive virtually any Earth-devastating catastrophe, whether from nature, the cosmos, or an act of mankind.

Each Vivos shelter is engineered to withstand the worst-case catastrophes of both nature and mankind, that many are predicting.

It would be cost prohibitive for all but the very elite to build and outfit a shelter of equivalent impervious strength, and to fully equip, supply and staff each shelter with the diversity of skills and talents collectively provided by each Vivos member community. From doctors, to military and security experts each shelter provides a team of talents and skills that will assure your best chance of survival through the most disastrous scenarios.

Vivos creates the physical, legal, financial and community structure, so each like-minded member only needs to contribute a small fraction of the overall construction cost, ongoing operational expenses and overall responsibility.

For those that cannot afford to physically purchase space in a Vivos shelter, we now have the Vivos Global Genome Vault. These vaults will be a depository that can literally accommodate the DNA of every person on the planet, to preserve and store their genome for their own future medical restoration while they are alive; or, to be apart of what may become the next "Ark of Humanity".

With the Vivos Global Genome Vault we will help preserve the biodiversity of the planet from a possible life-extinction event, or anything that may damage our ability to reproduce in the future, including a global pandemic or a massive dosage of radiation. VIvos preservation of millions of samples of DNA will assure the greatest chance of future restoration for humanity, regardless of the multitude of possible future catastrophes.

Vivos may be the next "Genesis" for Earth, providing a new beginning and a second chance for life as we have known it.

Terra Vivos
Terra Vivos

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