Pets are Provided Free Access to Vivos
Subject to Our Pet Policy

Vivos understands and respects the emotional benefits and companionship a pet can bring to the lives of its owners and others that encounter it. In the situations of trauma and illness pets are known to bring comfort and even assist in the healing process of most people. The bond between a pet owner and their pet is usually very deep and a special love that cannot be replaced. With this understanding, Vivos is a pet friendly complex.

Vivos owners/members may bring an ordinary household pet with them to their Vivos shelter and have their pet co-occupy the facility at no extra occupancy charge, in accordance with this Pet Policy and any Additional Rules and Plans, as follows:

All breeds are welcome.

Each family may bring up to one household pet in a shared Vivos bunker, and as many as you like in a private bunker.

Only well-behaved, socialized, obedient, “toilet” trained, cleanly groomed and supervised pets will be allowed inside a Vivos shelter.

No pets will be allowed within the facility that are determined to be a nuisance, vicious, dangerous, or aggressive; and/or dogs that are excessive barkers.

All pets must be pre-treated for fleas and ticks prior to access into the facility.

All pet vaccinations must be up to date. The owner will be required to provide a copy of the current vaccination records prior to access.

The pet owner must provide a one-year supply of pet food for his/her respective pet to be stored in the facility. Details on food requirements will be provided to concerned members by the Shelter Director.

Owners will be responsible for the care and maintenance of their pet during their stay in the shelter, including, most importantly, grooming and cleaning on a regular basis to ensure the lowest allergen levels possible.

Any time the pet is outside of the bedroom assigned to the Member, their pet shall be either held on a hand-held leash, held off the ground on a lap or in someone’s arms, or placed in a one of the shelter kennels, unless the other members are comfortable with the pet freely walking about the shelter.

If any Member is allergic to the pet, the pet shall be confined at all times to the bedroom assigned to the Member that brought it.

Each Member shall immediately clean up after their pet, shall be liable for any damage to persons or property proximately caused by their pet, and shall indemnify and hold harmless the Association and all Members against any and all loss, cost or liability, arising out of claims related to their pet.

In the most extreme cases, during emergency conditions, pets that are determined by the Shelter Director to be a threat or nuisance to the safety and well-being of the other members, the shelter, shelter furnishings, the hygiene of the shelter, or other pets, will either be removed from the facility or euthanized.

The policy is subject to change without notice.

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